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Aquis Blue

Aquis is a type of pet you can adopt for free in the "Adopt a Pet" page.

"Laid back and easy-going creatures, Aquis are an adaptable species, graceful and mysterious. In the summer, water constantly leaks down their short coats, keeping them wet and healthy in dry heat; in places of high humidity, the effect is less pronounced, but still evident. By contrast, when the local weather gets cold enough, the water often freezes into spiky icicles that cover every inch of their hide, rendering the Aquis nearly unrecognizable. In the old days, they were often mistaken for monsters. They also used to roam the land in large groups, turning once-barren wastelands into fertile paradises by creating springs of water around which living things could thrive. However, the modern Aquis tends to be very solitary, despite their attempts to settle down and call one place home. According to legend, they originally came from a country far underneath the sea, but they have forgotten their way home after being on land so long. Every once in a while, some fearless Aquis will brave the ocean to find their ancestral homeland."

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  • They resemble a dog, but the Aquis resemble a deer, also.