Clover, the Cash Shop mascot.

The Cash Shop is a shop where users may buy Cloves, the sites premium currency, and exchange them for exclusive items. It is divided into a few sections which may be navigated with the links at the top of the pag

e. The mascot of the cash shop is Clover, a Felyve NPC that does not appear elsewhere in Kayrth and cannot be interacted with at this time. Cash Shop purchases go towards maintaining and improving the site.[1]

Purchasing Cloves Edit

Cloves may be purchased using Paypal in bundles, with higher bundles awarding a small number of bonus cloves. It is important to note that dollar amounts are in USD, so the total may vary depending on the currency you use. The packages are as follows:

USD Cloves
$5.00 10
$10.00 22
$20.00 44
$50.00 110

Clove Item Shop Edit

The Clove Item Shop contains many items which are always available, and a selection of items which are only available for a limited time.

Premium Pets & Colors Edit

Item Name Category Description Availability Cloves
Duality Orb
Duality Orb Orb Like light and dark, two opposing forces are locked together within this orb. Regular 14
Seabed Orb
Seabed Orb Orb Whoever invented this orb had a head full of seaweed by the looks of it! Regular 14
Special Brew
Special Brew Orb No one really know what it was originally meant for, but in its current incarnation this interesting brew interacts with every species in a different manner, changing their appearance to something outside of the usual spectrum. One use only. Regular 12
Asler Kaels This little kael is a loyal companion unmatched by any other! Alternatively, you can transform him by some wicked magic into an Elsar pet! Regular 40
Magic Root Rare This root seems to be glowing several different colors, making a rainbow! This can get you an elegant and beautiful Chidos. Regular 24
Chew Toy Rare This adorable plastic blue bone will let you get the rare and valuable Popitt. Also comes with a cute little pink bow. Regular 24

Kaels Edit

Item Name Category Description Availability Cloves
Cluppy Kaels It doesn't seem to be able to walk or move around, yet the Cluppy random appears when you least expect it. People would probably be more scared of it if it wasn't so absolutely adorable, though. Regular 6
Jinx Kaels Generally cute looking, most people assume the Jinx is a cuddly, loving kael for any pet. However, the Jinx has a darker side that comes out every so often -- a side that likes to cause trouble. Make sure to keep an eye on your pet and their kael, or else they could cause some mayhem. Regular 6
Felimare Kaels No one's quite sure where, exactly, this curious creature emerged from. Or how, despite their generally off-putting appearing, they manage to be so popular... is that a summoning circle underneath that specimen? Wait, what -- Regular 4
Ephetoire Jovilis Kaels With a world of possibilities in its future, this kael is eager to flourish into something exquisite. In fact, this one looks like it's getting ready to grow! Limited time 20
Ephetoire Sedere Kaels With a world of possibilities in its future, this kael is eager to flourish into something exquisite. In fact, this one looks like it's getting ready to grow! Limited time 20

Account Upgrades & Consumables Edit

Item Name Category Description Availability Cloves
Pet Slot Key Toys No one can conquer Kayrth with just five pets! Use the Pet Slot Key to inch your empire closer to realizing its dreams. Pet slots limited to twelve spaces. Regular 14
Fortune Charm Regular 8
Discount Card Regular 8
Identity Scroll Regular 10

Grab Bags Edit

For more information on grab bags and their contents, see Grab Bag.

Forum Shop Edit

Monthly Sets Edit

For more information and specific sets, see Monthly Set.

Monthly sets are generally released on the first of each month in their own section of the Cash Shop. All three items in the set can be purchased together for 10 cloves, or they can be bought separately for 4 cloves each.

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