The City of Gales is one of the many worlds of Kayrth, located in the south. It was one of the first 3 worlds available during Kaylune's launch.

Statistics Edit

  • Pronouncation: SIT-i of GEILS
  • Location: W 250 S 470
  • Area: 2,751 sq mi
  • Population: 5,853
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Climate: Subarctic
  • Primary Exports: Toys, Lumber, Root Vegetables, Minerals, Rocks
  • Primary Imports: Tropical Fruits, Leafy Vegetables, Cocoa
  • GDP: 1,047,585 Kwin

Site Description Edit

"It is almost law for anyone in the City of Gales to be properly dress because the bone chilling temperatures of the city are unforgiving to the ill prepared. No one wants to come down with those nasty colds that are so common up there among travelers. That's a sure way to miss out on all the frosty opportunities to make good use of the well supplied snow." [1]"

History Edit

"A member of the trio of cities that claim the greatest military power on Kayrth, the City of Gales is a fur-laden settlement high in the mountains in the southernmost region of the world. Part of the reason this city remains so undisturbed by its competitors is because of the winds that became its namesake, as they are often deadly to those who are not familiar with the currents of air whipping around their home. Magic is universally shunned; instead, the citizens make their living through good hard work, watched over by a benevolent King and his Regent. They also possess a highly sought-after toy industry, which goes well with the citizen's general policy of politeness toward newcomers (provided, of course, they do not have any arcane skill). It is said that if one travels far enough out in the mountains they will find a bitter individual, cast out for his abilities, that does not take kindly to visitors..."[2]"

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Known City of Gales NPCs Edit

  • Cayzes
  • Emera
  • The Fallen King
  • Aspara "Gus"
  • Missy Sweetshop
  • Cereza
  • Qrawley Quince
  • Hunter Sal
  • Soothsayer

References Edit