"In damp caves and dark woods the Daggu can be found although they prefer to be left alone. Calm and quiet places suit the Daggu best since they are very sensitive to their environment and the emotional state of others. Daggus instinctively know when something in their setting has been moved or altered so it’s difficult to get close to one unless they allow you. When confronted, Daggu will stand their ground since they have a better chance at escaping than simply running away since their horns take away from their speed but in general Daggu prefer not to fight. They are non aggressive and only exhibit aggressive behavior when two males bud heads to win over a female or a light clash to signify excitement or a promise."

Daggu Edit

Daggu Yellow

Daggu is a type of pet you can get in "Adopt a Pet".

Trivia Edit

  • A Daggu has a appearance similar to a cat or dog. It`s tail is similar to a reptile`s. The horns have a ram-like appearance.