Kaytropolis is one of the many worlds of Kayrth, located at the center. It was one of the first 3 worlds available during Kaylune's launch.

Statistics Edit

  • Pronouncation: kay-TROP-uh-lis
  • Location: E 265 S 295
  • Area: 4,059 sq mi
  • Population: 42,579
  • Government: Democratic
  • Climate: Continental
  • Primary Exports: Manufactured Goods and Machinery
  • Primary Imports: Exotic foods and Automotive Parts
  • GDP: 3 968 545 KC

Site Description Edit

"There is nothing more invigorating then the hum drumming of a thriving city. All the transactions and bodies of Kaytropolis working simultaneously yet so diversely only add to the buzz; no need for energy drinks here. So many opportunities lay waiting in the big city; the only problem is to figure out where to start![1]"

History Edit

"One of the three great empires of Kayrth, Kaytropolis is generally known as a balance between Paragon and the City of Gales, as it celebrates both technology and magic. It is among the most densely populated cities and has a richly varied history that will reveal itself to those who look for it. A great library is located here, as well as the bank, a mail center, and the Hovel, where pets almost inevitably travel to after they have been left behind by their owners, seeking new companionship or simply to find others like them. A mysterious hobo makes his home here as well, adding to the diverse atmosphere that draws many to this great metropolis.[2]"

Sub Locations Edit

Stores Edit


Known Kaytropolis NPCs Edit

  • Reinard
  • Fabre
  • Terri
  • Dallan
  • Bruce
  • Norton
  • Damian
  • Dillan Puaw
  • Cryptic Hobo
  • Valerie "Thundermane
  • Ms. Charlotte Belleville
  • John Jabiruog Schmidt
  • Henrietta "Granny" Bearar

References Edit