A Monthly Set is a collection of three items, generally unified under a common theme, which appears in the Cash Shop. At the end of the month, the current set is retired and replaced with a new one. Each item in the set is available for purchase for 4 Cloves, or they can be purchased together for 10 Cloves.

List of Released Monthly Sets Edit

May 2016 Edit

The May monthly set is based on theme of Flora Jubilee.

Baament Flower Locket Spring Sow Balloon
kael trinkets toys
A distant relative of the Ghoast, the sheepish Baament has no memories of its previous life. However, unlike its sullen cousin, the Baament it usually in far better spirits and is only too happy to take part in festivities. A beautifully unique piece of jewelry, this locket is guaranteed to be noticed by all. There is no better way to celebrate Spring’s arrival than this fashionable necklace! These small balloons are released all across Kayrth during the Spring, spreading joy and life to all the world. As they travel an array of seeds is released to the land below, bringing the promise of a colorful season.

April 2016 Edit

The April set was released in the news with the text "April showers will bring May flowers, but that's not all they'll bring -- look to the Cash Shop for a new release!",[1] and so was likely spring/rain themed.

Lightning Ridge Opal Lilo Rainy Day Beverage
trinkets kael food
Lightning can be perceived within the shining blue opal. I wonder how it got inside...
This clever species understands the necessity of both rain and shine, and will happily bear both to spend time with your pet. This drink embodies the spirit of a rainy day in its satisfying blue raspberry flavoring.

March 2016 Edit

This monthly set was released with the text, "Hmm... I wonder if this month's theme could be hinting at something to come"[2], hinting at the Mysticat release at the end of the month.

Mystic Talon Necklace High-Grade Kaelnip Mystikael
Mysticat necklace
Mysticat kael
trinkets food kael
Having the talon of a Mysticat hanging ‘round your neck is sure to show what a fashion savvy person you are. Showing off how up-to-date you are with the latest trends is sure to impress! Hand-picked from the most lovingly raised of kaelnip plants, this bag should hold more than enough ‘nip to keep your kaels satisfied for months to come. It even works on pets! The product of decades of selective breeding, the Mystikael looks almost exactly like a pocket-sized Mysticat. Although a bit moody, they can make excellent companions for those with the patience to win their hearts.

February 2016 Edit

The February monthly set was released to hint the upcoming release of the new world Syino.

Model Sailboat Kruos Winged Lyre
Crystal kael
toys kael weapons
If you can't afford a life-sized sailboat, this toy model is a beautiful alternative. These one-of-a-kind models were handcrafted by talented Syino artisans. The Kruos, being a creature that lives primarily underground, has very weak eyesight and depends on a heightened seismic sense to navigate. It's said that anyone who makes direct eye contact with a Kruos will come across immense riches. Legend has it that the first lyre was created to quell the tumultuous anger of the sea. This winged lyre doesn't quite have that same power, but with the right touch, it is capable of some truly ethereal melodies!

January 2016 Edit

The January monthly set was centered around Emera, admin Kayla's staff NPC based in the City of Gales. This was probably due to Kayla's birthday being celebrated the same month.

Kredgon Galeswood Bow Deluxe Almond Cream Pie
January-monthly-almond cream pie
kael weapons food
This rare kael is known for sleeping on typewriters and chomping on potted plants. Only an archer of immense skill can shoot with these powerful bows. This home baked delicacy is one of Emera's favorites!

December 2015 Edit

The December monthly set was probably inspired by the City of Gales.

Well-worn Royal Heirloom Ribbokit Apple Wassail
trinkets kael food
You can't tell if this is a bracelet for a smaller creature or a ring for a larger one. The engraving on the inside is too faint to be legible. This playful kitten has gotten tangled up in some holiday ribbon. It doesn't seem too distressed though, so maybe you should let them hold onto it for now. Mulled with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and sugar, this steamy and fragrant drink will keep you warm and cozy all winter long.

November 2015 Edit

The November monthly set was probably inspired by Kaytropolis. It also contained a hint to the Stargazing Festival, an event which was held later in the month.

Clockwork Omis Sad Flower Plush Cheery Festival Invitation
kael toys trinkets
Do you hear that ticking, too? I thought you were supposed to cheer it up, not make it sadder! An invitation to the world-famous Stargazing Festival - wow! These are especially rare and coveted, though they seem to be pointless.

October 2015 Edit

The October monthly set was released with the the text, "First, I'd like to present the new monthly set themed around the City of Gales."[3]

Cayzes' Crown Replica Snurlion Zoshi Plush
Mongoose 2
rare kael toys
At one time or another, we all want to be the handsome, intelligent and regal ruler of City of Gales. Although we can't truly be him, we can always put on a replica of his crown and pretend to rule the snow city! It's almost the same... right? A relative to the Furlion, this one has adapted itself to the cold days and nights of the City of Gales. Still lovely to cuddle and hold! There are many Zoshi lovers out there who would love to take one of these buddies home! Also great to use in case a Zoshi needs a break from one of your pets and your pet can't really see the difference between the two.

September 2015 Edit

The September monthly set was inspired by Paragon City, and was the very first monthly set on the site.

Fenox Plush Crystal Berry Cryroo
toys food kael
Whenever you want a Fenox but you don't want to deal with the upkeep, try grabbing one of these instead! What a beautiful, lovely looking piece of art. Wait, it's a piece of food? Even better! The reason the Cryroo is called such is because of how much it cries as a baby -- it never seems to stop. However, when it becomes older, it is much more calm and loving and will only cry if it senses danger, making them the perfect alarm for those who want to avoid a larger, showier guard kael.