The NPCs of Kaylune sell items, give quests or are just interact-able. Almost all NPCs can be befriended or made enemies of. By greeting and complimenting or insulting the friendship level goes up or down, stealing from NPCs with shops and failing also lowers the friendship level.

Greeting: +2 friendship points

Complimenting: +5 friendship points

Insulting: -5 friendship points

Stealing:-5 Friendship points

Kaytropolis NPCs: Edit

Shop NPCs:

  • Valerie "Thundermane":
  • Ms. Charlotte Belleville:
  • Dallan:
  • Bruce:
  • Dillan Puaw:
  • Terri:
  • John Jabiruog Schmidt:

Interact-able NPCs:

  • Damian:
  • Fabre:
  • Reinard:
  • Cryptic Hobo:
  • Henrietta "Granny" Bearar:

Paragon NPCs: Edit

Shop NPCs:

  • Vex Chattal
  • Zella Ranul
  • Tromwell Mitts
  • Lanni Taliwind
  • Nienna Funi

Interact-able NPCs:

  • Bowen Taliwind
  • Vega
  • Kumori 

City of Gales NPCs: Edit

Shop NPCs:

  • Cereza
  • Missy Sweetshop
  • Qrawley Quince
  • Hunter Sal

Interact-able NPCs:

  • The Old Soothsayer
  • The Fallen King
  • Aspara "Gus"
  • Emera 
  • Cayzes

Synio NPCs: Edit

Shop NPCs:

  • Chef Barbarossa
  • Jasmine Braceley
  • Erik

Interact-able NPCs:

  • Altair Grimmons
  • Madame Selma

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