Paragon City is one of the many worlds of Kayrth, located in the south-west. It was one of the first 3 worlds available during Kaylune's launch.

Statistics Edit

  • Pronouncation: PAIR-ruh-gon
  • Location: W 72 S 365
  • Area: 1,454 sq mi
  • Population: 6,019
  • Government: Council
  • Climate: Tropical Rainforest
  • Primary Exports: Medicine, Tropical Fruits, Enchanted Items
  • Primary Imports: Lumber
  • GDP: 33,345 Kwin

Site Description Edit

"Within the thick and plentiful vegetation of the rainforest, a mellow city lies naturally concealed. Through the moisture and humidity a great mystical presence can be felt here. It is almost like a great force field is setup around the city. But what exactly is it trying to keep at bay?[1]"

History Edit

"Possibly the greatest magical city to grace the soil of Kayrth, Paragon takes great pride in its magical prowess and holds a legendary hostility for the City of Gales and their magic-hating ways. Paragon takes pride in a great many things, actually, and this city-wide patriotism has historically made it hard to bend their backs enough to ask for any kind of help, as well as make them appear cold and unfeeling to uninitiated outsiders. They also guard the only known entrance to the Sinister Forest, and it is required for soldiers training in their army to spend at least a year helping out the full-time guards. The famous Paragon Seer is another one of their main attractions and symbols of hope, being both a member of the rare aetas species and the spiritual leader of their peoples after coming to Paragon in a time of great need.[2]"

Sub Locations Edit

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Known Paragon NPCs Edit

  • Kumori
  • Zella Ranul
  • Lanni Talwind
  • Bowen Taliwind
  • Tromwell Mitts
  • Nienna Funi
  • Vex Chattal

References Edit