Syino is one of the many worlds of Kayrth, located in the north-east. It was released on Feburary, 28, 2016 and required a quest plot to be completed to be fully unlocked. [1]

Statistics Edit

  • Pronouncation: Sci-E-No
  • Location: Unknown
  • Area: Unknown
  • Population: Unknown
  • Government: Unknown
  • Climate: Unknown
  • Primary Exports: Unknown
  • Primary Imports: Unknown
  • GDP: Unknown

Site Description Edit

"Strangers are always welcomed in the port of Syino, but be sure not to make too much of an entrance. "News" tends to operate like a game of broken telephone among the wealthier crowd and those caught in the heresay often do not fair well. It's obvious who runs the show in this charming little town. [2]"

History Edit

Currently unknown.

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Known City of Gales NPCs Edit

  • Madame Selma
  • Altair Grimmons
  • Jasmine Braceley
  • Chef Barbarossa
  • Erik

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